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About K & C Firearms Training

K&C Firearms training was created out of a genuine desire to assist others in becoming the best shooters they can be. Like other instructors, we have attended many classes and experienced many teaching styles. What separates us from the others is a unique blend of confident, professional instruction and a comfortable, approachable teaching style. We believe in self confidence thru knowledge and training.


We want you to be able to carry concealed or carry on a conversation about firearms with the strength in what you have learned in our classes. You have made a decision to learn more about firearms and prepare yourself. We want nothing more than to provide training to you that enables you to do so.

About Our Instructors

Mike Kaiser, Owner

Mike Kaiser of K & C Firearms Training Instructor Mike Kaiser has been a resident of Nevada for over 40 years and employed with the largest major Law enforcement agency in Southern Nevada for the past 16 years.


His educational background in firearms training began in 1990 when he started teaching courses in "Hunter Education" for the Nevada Division of Wildlife and with over 24 years of training experience, is happy to have taught countless students in Nevada.


In 2002, Mike became an NRA firearms instructor for his law enforcement agency employer and in 2011, he attended the FBI firearms Instructor school, finishing first in his class. In 2013, Mike completed Submachine Gun Instructor training courses at the FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) in Glynco, Georgia.


Mike carries several NRA certifications, including CRSO (Chief Range Safety Officer), RSO, Handgun, Select Fire, PPOTH (Personal Protection Outside The Home), and PPITH (Personal Protection Inside the Home). He also teaches basic rifle and shotgun classes.

Barry Lagan, Owner

Barry Lagan of K & C Firearms Training Instructor Barry Lagan was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada. He has been married to his wife Jill for over twenty-five years and they have raised two very special daughters.


After beginning his career in a Southern Nevada major law enforcement agency in 1996, Barry has been a firearm instructor for his department since 1999.


Among his many instructor certifications are: NRA Handgun, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, Tactical Shooting, Select Fire, Certified Pistol, Chief Range Safety Officer, P.P.I.T.H. (Personal Protection Inside The Home), and P.P.O.T.H. (Personal Protection Outside The Home). He has also attended the F.B.I. Firearms Instructor School as well as Sub-Machine Gun Instructor School at F.L.E.T.C. (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center).


Throughout his law enforcement career, Barry has worked with the S.E.R.T. (Special Emergency Response Team) in his Division and has acquired Instructor Certifications from Def-Tec (Defense Technology Munitions), C.T.S. (Combined Tactical Systems), and Precision Ordinance.


Barry has always enjoyed teaching all levels of firearm training from civilian to advanced law enforcement, primarily because he enjoys helping others improve their skills and become better shooters. A result of his dedication and passion for teaching is his daughter Alexis is the currently a three time National pistol Champion and shoots for Team USA.


As an instructor, he knows the importance of keeping a positive, helpful attitude and does not discourage students with negative comments or harsh ego.

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