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Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Course

Prerequisite: You must be able to safely handle, load, unload, and shoot your handgun.  If you cannot do so, please register for our Basic Handgun Firearms Training Course.

Course Fee: $150

Upon successfully completing this 8-hour course, students will receive paperwork and instructions necessary to apply for their Nevada Concealed Carry Permit. This course is generally conducted from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Students will receive instruction in:

  • Firearms safety

  • Basic principles of marksmanship

  • Maintenance and cleaning of firearms

  • Firearm storage practices

  • Child protection/ firearm proofing

  • Ammunition selection

  • Use of Force Law for Nevada

  • Concealed carry directives and applicable laws​


Equipment Needed:

  • Eye Protection *

  • Hard style hearing protection *

  • A notepad and pen or pencil

  • A functioning handgun *

  • At least 30 rounds of ammunition (Absolutely no re-loaded ammunition and no tracer or steel core penetration ammunition is allowed!)


* This item is available for rental.


To inquire about upcoming dates on which we have scheduled courses, please send us an email using the button below so we can provide the most current seat availability information.

Course for a Nevada CCW Permit

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